About me

Pedro Serna is considered an authentic vocational painter.
His painting is basically dedicated to landscape thematic.

Pedro Serna is watercolorist in nature. In his watercolors does not leave the pictorial tradition, even when he show some inquietude that are the result of his own reflection.

Pedro Serna was born in Las Torres de Cotillas (Murcia), March 16, 1944.

Artistic beginnings

While still very young, he began to feel a strong attraction for painting.

Since his beginnings, he feels a predilection for landscape painting.

In 1968, he made what would be his first solo exhibition and thereafter participated in numerous exhibitions, mainly in Murcia, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

An individual artist who has refused on numerous occasions to participate in contests to be against their nature.

Landscape Analysis

Outside our borders, in Italy and France, he has been able to analyze other landscapes and environments, expanding his knowledge and allowing him to delve further into the landscape thematic.

His landscape work is presented as a complaint of the loss of garden, orchard and natural landscapes areas.

Other projects

He has participated in the Contemporary Art Fair, ARCO 86, and the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992, Murcia's pavilion.

In the late nineties collaborates with his work in the Carlos Saura movie "Pajarico".

He has done illustrations for the book "The veil of memory. Three perspectives on the Islamic Murcia."

On October 22, 2010 at the Awards Gala XII Sport Molinense receives the regional award, related to the world of sport and culture, for his artistic and sporting career.